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[31 Jul 2008|09:45pm]
last winter (2007), after i moved out, my parents started a HUGE construction project on their house. it was really intense, as in they raised the whole thing and added several new feet of... wall, so that the ceilings in the downstairs were of a normal height. they also turned the cruddy wood-panelled, asbestos-tiled basement i used to inhabit into an office for my dad, who's an architect. anyway, all the renovations meant they had to move out of the house for a while, and they stayed at the rental house a few blocks away.

at the time, they had 3 cats, owen and idgie came with them to the rental house and became temporary indoor cats. my 14 year old cat emmett was basically feral, we only saw him once every few weeks when he'd come inside to eat and would immediately leave again. when they moved, they just left food out for him and figured he'd just kind of do his own thing for a while until they came back. before you jump down my throat about it, he seriously never came around, and didn't stick around when he did, and forcing him to be an indoor cat at another house seriously would have killed him. it just wouldn't have happened. anyway, they left him at the house, finished the construction, and moved back in, and emmett never showed back up. he was really old so we all kind of figured he'd gone off and just died peacefully somewhere, but we always joked that he was just show up again one day like it was no big deal. and that's totally what he did! my sister was on the back deck and he just walked right up! this cat has been gone for over a year and a half, it's like he came back from the dead. i freaked out and cried on the phone like a wuss when she told me. apparently he's been hanging around the house more and more, though, and i kind of think he's been on some homeward bound-style adventure for a while, and now is just going to spend his last kitty months chilling out at casa del schuyler.

he makes me believe cats ~really do have 9 lives~
he's been through all kinds of hell, i think he even got hit by a car at one point and was ok. his previous owners basically abused him, locking him in the garage without enough food or water, and they had 2 young sons that beat the snot out of him, and he was my sweetie after we took him in. he's always been a hunter, too, and brought me live and dead snakes and bats and lizards and mice. awwww i hope i get to see him soon!
peektoorsCollapse )
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cookies. makes them. [22 Apr 2008|12:09pm]
soopah vegan chunky cookies!
~1/4 margarine/spread/smart balance (i don't usually use this much.)
1c brown sugar, packed
1/2c white sugar
1 large overripe banana
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2c whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
3 cups oats
1c of raisins, other dried fruit, peanut butter, walnuts, (dark) chocolate chips, etc etc
dashes of curry powder for the adventurous

1. heat oven to 350F
2. beat together margarine and sugar until creamy
3. add vanilla and the banana, chop it up and stir/mash into the sugar mix.
4. add combined flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt, mix well.
5. stir in oats, then whatever add-ins you want. peanut butter is a good fix here if they're too dry
6. scoop and bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes, err on the side of undercooked because they'll harden a bit.
7. om nom nom nom
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little paintings [30 Mar 2008|05:21pm]
vw split window and MONA LUCYCollapse )
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this was going to be a first-world problems post, [24 Mar 2008|10:24am]
but i just uncovered my camera!!! it was stashed into a weird pocket of my backpack that i didn't think to check earlier. my faith in humanity is around halfway restored. i'm really bummed about a jewelry order, though. i was supposed to get 5 different pairs of carved horn and wood plugs and coils in a pre-order, which took place in DECEMBER. there have been a ton of delays, but since i'm not even at 1/2" yet it wasn't really a big deal. this morning, the seller made a post that made it sound like this order is not going to even happen. i'm really bummed that i'm not going to get my stuff, the wood rings i was going to get are kind of hard to find, especially for this cheap. wahhhhhh. also, our speakers got blown at the party, so jeremy's really grouchy, understandably.
at least i found my camera!
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long-overdue update! [23 Mar 2008|02:58pm]
lots of photos.Collapse )
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[05 Oct 2007|09:51am]
i'm going to send a gift (my choice, but tailored to the recipient) to the first five people who comment here and post this message in their own blogs.

whatever the gift is, i promise i will get it to you by the end of this calendar year. it'll be a physical object, so i'll need your snail mail address if i don't have it.

the only thing you need to do to receive your gift is participate. be one of the first five to reply to this, and post a similar offer on your blog.
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[17 Jul 2007|08:10pm]
If your name rhymes with 'ho-pen hen-throw' do not click here!!Collapse )
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omgomgomgomg [10 Jul 2007|10:15pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So this beauty came into my life last week when I was thrifting with Melody in Saint Augustine
and today...Collapse )
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[18 Jun 2007|01:03pm]
oh no, oh yeahCollapse )
In other news, threadless has some tees (finally!) that aren't totally lame. Fur Ladies and Gay Pride are my favorites from this new batch.
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[07 Jun 2007|04:34pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Solid or colorblock? Quick now, this is deciding a second trip to Joann's today. Hahahah.
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[30 May 2007|06:57pm]
there is some whack shit going down in our yard.Collapse )
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Fabric binge [28 May 2007|08:00pm]
Joann's had one of their evil, evil pattern sales and I scooped up nearly all of their Built By Wendy ones, as well as a few retro suiting patterns and shift dresses.

All these ones would be perfect for straight little mod dresses:

I NEED this material, the color scheme is sooo sweet and it highlights my love of wood.

It's a few too many colors for my taste but it's too cute.

These Marimekkos reinforce my power of automatically falling in love with the most expensive item on the page. There's a reason they're still around though, their fabrics are AMAZING.

This I think would make a really cute Lilly Pulitzer style dress.

AHH so cute.

I want to make these into this dress: http://www.builtbywendy.com/onlineshop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=16905&category_id=296
about halfway between the two dress lenghts, with the ties on the sleeves.

This is the first fabric I KNOW I want, it reminds me of Mr Wilson's prints, I just can't decide on the color. Grey?

Green with yellow?


Gold? My mom voted for the bright blue. I also kind of like the purple and orange, augghh. So undecided. I also want to make http://cgi.ebay.com/Simplicity-3833-MOD-1960s-Retro-Dress-6-14_W0QQitemZ330124889687QQihZ014QQcategoryZ11801QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
in http://www.marshalldrygoods.com/store/index.php?action=item&id=1258&prevaction=category&previd=29&prevstart=0 for the body and
for the top panel, but I can't decide which color either. It's only purple, green or grey, but I don't want the same color for both dresses. I'm also making it out of a vintage gold sheet with woven vertical stripes.

Uh, roosters.
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[12 May 2007|02:33am]
o hay ppls
especially craftster-frequenting types, vote for my dress! (If it is indeed your favorite)
I want those coasters!

Now to prepare to drive home at 8am and work in the afternoon. Huuuuhrah.
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[07 May 2007|09:13pm]
This calls for a pickynick.Collapse )
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Room Tour [24 Apr 2007|12:40pm]
It will never be this clean again.Collapse )
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[20 Apr 2007|08:34am]
Gingham wrap dressCollapse )
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[17 Apr 2007|04:46pm]
→ Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite movies.
→ Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
→ Now you guys guess the movie names.

1.Severed finger/boxing/diamond
2. Nihilism/Joints/Mistaken Identity
3. Little Girls/Secret Passage/Acorn
4.Breaking the fourth wall/Hip Hop/Paranoia
5. Cat actor/Dog actor/Survival
6. Post-apocalyptic/Cannibalism/Subterranian
7. Doomsday device/War Room/Mushroom cloud
8. Mexico/Vampires/Strip club
9. Extraterrestrial/Trailer Trash/Alcoholics Anonymous
10. I can only think of 9 movies right now. Less work for you.
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[17 Apr 2007|08:40am]
"hey idk if by the time you accept me as ur friend lol ill be able to tell u this b4 class tomarrow. but u have to final copy of the paper right? i cant find it on my comp for some reason so i only found 2 corrections to make on the final if u can just do it on ur comp..."
This is why I hate group projects.
Flaming Lips were AMAZING, though, so that balances out.
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[14 Apr 2007|01:38am]
Jinkies!Collapse )
Also, Ratatat was 'MAZIN. They had all these visuals playing on beat. My favorites were the slow/caught shots of the black people running.
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[12 Apr 2007|04:31pm]
busy town.Collapse )
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